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Since we cannot see, smell or taste radiation, we are dependent on instruments to indicate the presence of ionizing radiation. Radiation is energy traveling in the form of particles or waves in bundles of energy called photons. Some everyday examples are microwaves used to cook food, radio waves for radio and television, light, and x-rays used in medicine. Radioactivity is a natural and spontaneous process by which the unstable atoms of an element emit or radiate excess energy in the form of particles or waves. These emissions are collectively called ionizing radiations. Depending on how the nucleus loses this excess energy either a lower energy atom of the same form will result, or a completely different nucleus and atom can be formed. Ionization is a particular characteristic of the radiation produced when radioactive elements decay. These radiations are of such high energy that when they interact with materials, they can remove electrons from the atoms in the material. This effect is the reason why ionizing radiation is hazardous to health, and provides the means by which radiation can be detected.



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RADTriage FIT by SIRAD is a personal radiation dosimeter which measures cumulative dose of radiation in millisievert (mSv). The sensor changes color to indicate exposure to high levels of gamma/X-ray. SIRAD is an acronym for Self-indicating Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeter and was developed by JP Laboratories with grants from the US Government. Made in USA

RADStickerTM peel & stick, nuclear radiation exposure determining dosimeter

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The RADStickerTM peel & stick, postage stamp sized, instant color developing dosimeter, is always ready and with you 24/7, stuck onto the back of your drivers license or anything you keep close, for any future radiation emergency. RADStickerTM, a stockpileable personal casualty dosimeter provides wearers (public, medical personnel and law enforcement personnel) timely personal radiation exposure information in an event of an accident at a nuclear power plant or a nuclear or dirty bomb explosion. The objective of this low cost RADSticker is to quickly determine need for medical treatment and minimize the panic. RADSticker has a sensor (a rectangle strip between the color bars) with 25, 50 and 100 rad bars on its bottom and 200, 400 and 1,000 rad bars on its top for triaging information and medical treatment in emergencies. When exposed to radiation, the sensor of RADSticker develops color instantly. The color changes are permanent, cumulative and proportional to dose. RADStickerTM is made under U.S. Patents #7,227,158; 7,476,874 and others. The technology was developed with multimillion dollar funding from several U.S. agencies, such as DHS, DOD, DOJ, DOS, DHHS and TSWG and was field tested by the DHS with 800 first responders in the states of NJ, NY and IL Each order includes an instruction sheet showing how to use Radstickers.